Monday, May 18, 2009

Creating a Writing Ritual

At our last writer's group meeting on Saturday, our speaker talked about finding your writer's voice, though it was more about creating a writing ritual that works for you. Every writer has a few "must haves" in order to be productive. I have a friend who sits in her recliner and does some freewriting for a few minutes before sitting down to do the real work of the day. Others need to have their caffeine before they get started. Some write in longhand and must use a certain kind of pen. And still others need to get started by a certain time of day and have a particular time schedule they swear by.

I'm not lucky enough to have hours to devote to my writing each day, but I'm more productive than I've been in months. I'm finding that I've been doing my best work during the early hours of my weekend mornings. If I can get started no later than 8:30, I can work until about 11:00 and get through quite a bit, whether it's a query, article, column, email, what have you. I've also started sitting down around 10 p.m. each night and chipping away at some smaller things. My other "must have" is music. My current favorites are Enya, Chris Botti or some other smooth jazz, or something mellow. No matter the time of day or what I'm working on, I absolutely can't stand silence when I'm writing. If my typing fingers are the only sound in the room, it drives me batty. Every writer has the little rituals that work for them--what are some of yours?

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