Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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I may be doing considerably less posting over the next few weeks, as I've landed a new gig--I'm teaching 2 English classes! I'm confident in my knowledge of the subject matter (please--talking about reading and writing, and actually reading and writing, is no problem for me!), but I'm a bit less confident in my lectures and presenting the material. BUT--so much of writing is just sitting down and doing it, and much of the time will be spent with the students working on their assignments and having me provide feedback right there.

I literally just got thrown into this--three days before my first class started last week! Initially they said they didn't have anything available that meshed with my schedule, but lo and behold, another professor backed out, so here I am. Everyone has been telling me that things will sort of work themselves out, so I'm hoping that's true. Writing is one of the very few areas of my life where I feel totally confident and comfortable. However, I realize that most people don't feel that way--many of these students are taking classes to get a better job or improve their status in life...not because they love the subject as I do. I hope that my enthusiasm for the subject comes across, at least.

So, I'm planning to drop down to 2 posts a week if I can manage it. What a jolt to my comfort zone this week has been!

In other news, thanks to Stephanie for the props!

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