Monday, April 5, 2010

How's Your April Shaping Up?

I'm borrowing an idea from freelancer and blogger Lori Widmer (whose Words on the Page blog is FABULOUS!) and breaking down the work I have going on this month--since Lori does a monthly wrap-up and I'm itemizing my projects at the start of the month, it's not exactly the same, right? But I like the idea of keeping track of projects this way--makes it easier to see what's working, what's not, and what might need to be adjusted.

Here's how April is looking for me:

Ongoing Projects. I have my weekly workplace column that’s still going strong, and I have ongoing work from a client—just received two more installments last week. Completed one interview so far, must work on the second. The nice thing about this type of project is that a.) It’s work that can be done around my regular work schedule (so far it’s worked out where I’ve been able to speak to their clients in different time zones), b.) I can get it done fairly quickly, so there’s a regular flow of work, c.) They’re prompt with payment, which is always nice!

Articles. I’m working on one article due next week and am hoping to carve out some time to spend on a long overdue rewrite (no deadline was given, so the other work that had deadlines got pushed to the front of the line). An editor asked for an outline of a proposed article, which I sent in on Friday—I’m hoping to hear back from her this week. She’s usually great with getting right back to me, so I’m not worried—I’m chalking it up to a hectic holiday weekend.

Queries. Unfortunately I’ve had a fair share of rejections lately. My conference gave me a new rush of ideas, so I’m working on those queries and hopefully they’ll be accepted. I just sent one out last Sunday that I’m waiting on.

How’s your April shaping up?

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