Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Already?

On some level I've known that Christmas was coming up--fast!--for the past few weeks, but I've honestly been inundated with so much stuff, it still seemed like a long way off. Now here I am, finally free of teaching/grad school commitments, and surprisingly on track with my Christmas prep (well, at least with my shopping), and still scrambling somehow. I sent out about 3 cards and didn't even make an attempt to put up my tree, but I justify that with the fact that I'll barely be home to enjoy it this week, so I was OK with cutting out that part of the festivities. I'll see what next year brings and perhaps put one up.

But anyway--on to other things...as in, one of the big reasons why I've been so lax in my yuletide preparations:

The copywriting projects are finding their way to me. Last week I had a meeting with a potential client for some ongoing work. I got started on one project and said I'd put together a proposal for some long-term work in the meantime. Tonight he emailed me and asked if I could do a rush job--some copyediting for his website. It was a fairly quick editing job, so that was finished in no time. I also attached my proposal. Let's see if I was efficient enough to be impressive. I really couldn't turn it around much faster--this weekend passed by in a blur of holiday get-togethers, shopping, and the housework that's been sorely neglected over the past few weeks. But I think the fact that I turned it around at all puts me well ahead of the game compared to some other writers, from what I hear.

What about you? Do you consistently deliver, and has this brought you repeat business?

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