Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trying Something New

This little girl's been keeping me pretty busy lately, too! This is Juno, our 4-month-old chocolate lab (she's gotten much bigger since this picture was taken!) She is sweet, super smart, loves to cuddle and play, and has energy to spare!
Besides being a great primer for parenthood, having a new puppy makes for excellent writing material. I'm in the process of researching pet and animal markets, brainstorming ideas, and putting together a few queries for some of my better ideas. The timing couldn't be better--most of my writing has come from trade publications, but it's nice to branch out into something a little more broad once in awhile. I'm looking for new spins on many of the topics I've written about extensively already--careers, dating, and history top the list--so she came around just at the time I was itching for an entirely new topic.

I'm completely enamored with this girl, and I look forward to all of the time we'll get to spend together. She's brought so much to our lives already!

What about you? What new elements of your life have inspired your writing lately?

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