Friday, August 14, 2009

Finding Freelance Jobs Online

Whether you're a full-time, most-of-the time, or fledgling freelancer, you're always on the lookout for new places to submit your work, whether it's a new publication or some other kind of writing outlet. Luckily, the Internet holds no shortage of possible freelance opportunities.

Below is just a sampling of the many sites dedicated to posting freelance jobs:

FreelanceSwitch. Everything you've ever wanted to know about freelancing--not just writing--can be found on this site. There is a whole host of freelance jobs, blogs, articles, and other resources available to make your freelance career easier!

Media Bistro. A job board for job seekers and job posters alike. MediaBistro often posts opportunities for Fortune 500 companies and high-paying markets. One of the most informative and comprehensive writing publications out there, is a free e-newsletter that lists paying markets and freelance writing/editing opportunities.

Freelance Daily. There is a minimal cost to subscribe to this site, but the variety of jobs that are sent to your inbox every day are well worth the cost. Some of the opportunities look a bit iffy at times (I'm generally wary of any Craiglist posting), but the majority are legit. If you think your niche is a bit too specialized, fear not--there is someone out there looking for your specific brand of writing expertise!

Any that I missed? What other sites are dedicated to posting freelance job opportunities?


  1. These are great, especially FreelanceDaily! Also check out (it's not exclusively for freelance writers, but there are sometimes good writing or copywriting gigs there) and (aka FLX). FLX sends out a weekly enewsletter to members and that often includes good, under-the-radar writing opportunities. There's also an active forum where I've found several gigs posted by other members. For both FD and FLX, I have earned back the membership fee several times over!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Susan--I'll definitely have to check these sites out! I'm always amazed by the range of opportunities on FreelanceDaily. Same with FreelanceSwitch--it's truly mind-boggling!