Monday, December 7, 2009

My apologies...

Forgive me, friends. Fine blogger I am--I no sooner get into the regular rhythm of posting and life interrupts, causing everything to go by the wayside a bit!

I am very happy to report that I'm in my last week of my first semester of teaching. I'm also happy to report that I've been given a second chance and have been rehired to teach the same class in the spring. Suffice it to say that I'll be much better prepared the next time around, and am already working on new ideas and trying to plan my syllabus! My hat's off to anyone in the teaching profession--the last 15 weeks have been an invaluable learning experience!

I've also lined up more work, which is very exciting because things have been eerily quiet in the last few weeks/months. The word is that print media is on its last legs, yet 2 of the pieces I've just been given are for print pubs. I'm also exploring a few other genres, which is sure to be a welcome challenge. I'm hearing that quite a few writers are shifting their focus from magazine features to other avenues, and it looks as though I'll be doing the same. I'm simply too impatient for all of the follow-up--I certainly don't want to come across as annoying, and I'm afraid that's what will happen, so I just have to keep myself in check with that!

With this semester rapidly coming to a close, I should have much more time to post a bit more frequently. Thanks to those who've continued to check in--fresh material is coming soon!

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