Friday, February 26, 2010

100th Post! 10 Ways Blogging Has Helped My Writing

Happy 100th post!

In honor of this milestone, I've put together a list of 10 ways blogging has helped me to improve my writing skills and reach my writing goals:

1. It’s helped me to further develop my own writing “style” and narrative voice

2. It’s forced me to write on a regular basis each and every week—maybe not every day, but just about

3. It’s reconnected me with the basics of grammar and the mechanics of writing—definitely not something I think about much, so sometimes I get lazy with it

4. I’ve “met” other bloggers who write about similar topics so I don’t have to feel I’m the only one struggling with a particular issue

5. I’ve been learning about things that every freelancer needs to know (i.e. taxes, finding/keeping clients, etc.), and that I'm not well-versed in

6. Other bloggers’ topics often inspire posts of my own

7. Writing regularly forces me to keep coming up with ideas for posts; this has helped to generate ideas for articles

8. Guest posting for others helps to promote my own blog and direct new readers to it

9. I’ve gotten a few opportunities to write blog posts as a regular paying gig

10. Blogging has helped to introduce me to new authors and writers through blog tours and guest posts

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