Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So This Is What Changing Your Life Looks/Feels Like

OK guys--big announcement time!

The first time I said these words, they didn't quite have the excitement I thought they would. They came out more with a definite tone of uncertainty (or was it fear?) But, here goes:



Ah. There. Finally--I put it out there in a BIG way, as I'd hoped to do at the office.

For many reasons, for many months (years?), I've been toying with this idea. Then a few things happened a few weeks ago that definitely got me thinking. And once I decided that I couldn't turn back, well...I didn't turn back!

But I have to admit, it's not the sweet relief I expected. I'm feeling a bit of everything right now. Excitement. Relief. Overwhelmed. And yes, still a healthy dose of white-knuckled fear, which has been keeping me glued to the keyboard these past few days.

And let me tell you, the stress has been working better than any diet plan ever could!

I'm also finished with my job NEXT WEEK. Once I decided to get out, I've wanted OUT! It's weird to still have one toe in that world, trying to finish up whatever needs finishing, and frantically trying to line up some writing work for After I Leave. It's surreal and great and I don't know what else!

So I'm not sure if this will be short-term or long-term, but this will be my life for awhile. I've contacted editors I haven't worked for in years, and my sudden freedom is forcing me to get creative. I'm dreaming up writing courses for all sorts of folks, and saying "yes" to work I wouldn't normally consider. I need some sort of income stream until the bigger things start coming in.

They will come in, won't they?

I'm also using this time to give my copywriting venture a much-needed, long-delayed jumpstart and working on my capstone project for my Master's program. I'm also willing to teach virtually any class that has an "ENG" prefix at 3 community colleges.

So that's the good word. I've jumped. Stay tuned for how I make out over the next few weeks!

What's happening in your world lately? Have you jolted yourself into doing something completely unlike you (just as this is for me) recently?

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