Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Break!

My class is on spring break this week (sheesh--already!), so I'm using that as a reason to slow down a bit in some areas and take some real time off in others, so this might be my only post for this week. You know, I think that sometimes we don't realize how much we need a break until it actually arrives--then it can't seem to get here fast enough! So although I'll still be at the day job this week, it'll be nice to regroup and recharge where my class is concerned--I'm getting caught up on my grading and prepping my next few classes, that's for sure!

I have plenty of other stuff to keep me occupied, too, not least of which is my writers' group's first-ever conference that will be held in April. It's very exciting to hear the buzz that's been going around about our event. Last I checked, we had almost 30 people signed up! I'm incredibly proud of that, especially for our first time out. I'm also wrapping up some lingering work and moving forward on new things, which is always great.

Is the spring more or less busy for you?


  1. The spring this time around will definitely be more busy... I took it pretty easy (for me) for the first 3 months of the year in order to recharge, as I knew that spring was going to get pretty crazy. I'm definitely going to miss having a few nights a week to myself, but the opportunities making me busy are too good to pass up... so I'll probably work myself to burnout and then take it easy in the late summer to make up for it. Haha.