Monday, June 21, 2010

How's Your Summer Looking?

Going into June, I had only a few projects on deck. Now that it's approaching July (yikes! How did that happen?), I'm looking at one busy summer!

I have 4 articles due, a blog post (which can turn into a steady gig), and over the weekend I connected with an editor on a rush project he was working on--although the project's on hold for the moment (apparently all of the writers were having some difficulty capturing the right "voice" forthe project), the editor liked my style and said he would send me additional projects. Let's hear it for networking!

All of that, plus researching each piece as needed, should fill up my schedule quite nicely. I'm also on the schedule for 2 classes this fall--both are brand new to me, so I have to start from scratch and create a syllabus, new materials, the works. Throw in my ever-growing list of books to read and the social invitations that have been coming in, and it'll be September again before I know it :(

I'm extremely grateful for all of these projects, however. It's starting to feel as though all of my hard work is finally, finally, finally paying off.

What about you? What projects are filling your calendar this summer?
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