Friday, November 5, 2010

Work Aplenty!

Much as I love the freelancing life, the constant ebb and flow of work (coming my way, anyway) still makes me nervous. As I’ve said many times before, one of my biggest goals is to work with enough clients that there’s a steady stream of work coming in as much as possible.

My project list basically had tumbleweeds blowing across it these last few months. Granted, I didn’t push for work like I’ve done in the past, but once I adjusted to my schoolwork load, I started sending more queries. I’m still waiting on responses from quite a few editors.

It’s OK, though—I suddenly have plenty of assignments to keep me busy! I went from 0 to having 2 articles due by next Friday, another case study from my corporate client (after several quiet weeks!), and I connected with an editor this past week and it sounds as though there may be some opportunity for regular work with that market. (I should add that this connection came about through an LOI I sent last weekend, thank you very much!)

I do have some interesting writing-related stuff that I’m bursting to share with the wider world, but my gut tells me to wait a little while longer until things are in place a bit more.
That’s all for this week—I suddenly have a lot of work to do!

How’s your month shaping up?


  1. Man, busy! I might have said this here already, but I work as an interior designer as well as a freelance writer. My design business has been slooooow in the past year because of the economy, so I adjusted my schedule to take on more writing work and spend less time on design.

    Because I've worked as a journalist in this market for years, I have some good connections that are keeping me really busy with local work. And now (go figure) that I'm super busy with writing assignments, the design side of things is starting to pick up.

    This week has been my hardest work week since I started doing this, by far. It's Tuesday, and I've already turned in three articles this week, have another due Thursday morning and yet another due by the end of the weekend. I'm also fitting in two appointments with new design clients, and I got a call today related to a writing job for a corporate client.

    I'm not complaining one bit. This is what it takes to earn a living as a freelancer. Busy is good!

  2. Stacey--Wow, that's great! I know what you mean. I have 3 articles due by the end of November, plus the case study. I'm also finally starting to branch out (I'm working on another post about that!), so I'm expecting a nice mix of different projects over the next few weeks.

    That's great that your design business is also picking up--I guess that's a sign that things are starting to turn around! You're right--what we're talking about here is definitely a GOOD busy! Best of luck with all of your projects!