Friday, June 19, 2009

Brainstorm vs. Brain Drizzle

I've made some pretty big strides over the past few weeks/months. Though I haven't broken into the higher-paying markets, I've broken into some new markets, and right now, that's good enough for me. It's nice to break into a few new genres and have some new things to write about.

I hit a personal best as far as sending queries out over the past few months--probably about 20-25, which is a lot for me. Now I have to hunker down and do the work. Since I'm limited to the writing gigs part-time, it seems as though it takes me a lot longer to complete projects because I have a lot less time to work with. I have 2 pieces due by July 1, and another column to finish up. I've also proposed a regular column for the local paper about workplace issues and general business. It's funny how the ideas come to me--sometimes I can't keep up with them, other times it's a struggle to find anything worthwhile!

But I'm happy with the progress I've been making. I'm more encouraged than I was earlier this month!

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