Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is working gratis a big no-no?

I recently got the green light from a market I pitched a few weeks ago. There's a quick turnaround (due July 3--eek!), so I'm trying to round everything up for the piece.

The one disappointment is that they can't afford to pay their writers. I think that most writers would've just said "Thanks but no thanks", but it's a topic that's close to my heart, and it's a new market for me, so part of me still wants to build up my I told her I'd do it regardless.

Before I get scolded too heavily, it's a short (600 word) piece, apparently it has a large readership, and, as I said, it's a new market with a new target audience ('tween and teen girls). So I feel a bit obligated to share a bit of what I know with these girls. Rest assured, this is definitely the exception rather than the rule. As my b.f. said "The water company doesn't work gratis"...touche. Luckily, I'm paid for 99% of the assignments I've been given, so I don't feel too horribly naive doing this piece gratis just this once.


Am I totally foolish to do any freelance work gratis?

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